Enable Proxmox TFA Two Factor Authentication

There just might be a time when you want to do more with your Proxmox host and expose it to the internet so you can access it remotely. Or so you just don't have to remember the IP. Either way, adding another layer of security is a must. Especially if it's already baked into Proxmox. Why not use it? Enable TFA on Proxmox!

Step 1:

In the upper right corner click on "root@pam".

Step 2:

Click "TFA"

Step 3:

Click on "Randomize" a few times then open your favorite Authentication app. I use an app called Authy. It's free and works great! You should be able to use any authentication app. Scan the QR code to add your Proxmox host to your authenticator app.

Step 4:

Grab the code and plug it in on Proxmox where it says "Verification code"

Step 5:

Click "Apply".

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