Radarr/Sonarr Permission issues on Windows

If you are running Radarr or Sonarr on Windows but find you are getting permission issues, try this.

First, open up your search bar and type in "services" - this will take you to the Services window on your Windows machine. From there, navigate over to Radarr and right-click on it. In the context menu that pops up, select "Properties". This will bring up the Properties window for Radarr.

Next, click on the Log On tab at the top of the window. You should see a list of available users here - simply select the one you're currently logged in as on your Windows machine. Once you've done this, Radarr should now be able to use your current login credentials and you'll be all set! You may need to restart Radarr for permissions to take effect.

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Created 3 June 2024 14:20:27 by Jeremy
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