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Portainer 2.0 Update

Docker Docker Compose

Use this compose to update to Portainer 2.0 version: '2' services: portainer: image: ...

Create Domain Records to Point to your Home Server on Cloudflare Using Nginx Progy Manager

DNS & Reverse Proxy Cloudflare

Please refer to the "Setup your Domain with Cloudflare" page before getting started here. This...

Portainer Edge Agent

Docker Portainer

Assuming you have Docker installed on your Synology NAS, you may run the Edge Agent to connect it...

Homer Dashboard Iframe Example


This example shows how to add a DuckDuckGo internet search to your Homer Dashboard using an ifram...

Install AzuraCast

Docker Docker Run

Use these commands to install AzuraCast on your host machine. This will install Docker in the pro...

Install Wordpress using Docker Compose

Docker Docker Compose

This stack can be used to install Wordpress with a MySQL DB. Change the ports and volume binds as...

DashMachine 0.7 with Code Server

Docker Docker Compose

--- version: "2.1" services: dashmachine: image: rmountjoy/dashmachine0.7:latest c...

Setup and Install Docker in a Promox LXC Conainer

Promox VE

This guide is for Proxmox VE 6.4.4 or earlier and will NOT work well on version 7. See this guide...

Adding a New Proxy Host to Nginx Porxy Manager

DNS & Reverse Proxy Nginx Proxy Manager

Coming soon.

Setup your Domain with Cloudflare

DNS & Reverse Proxy Cloudflare

To use Cloudflare as your domain controller, you need to have a domain name already purchased. ...

Guacamole Remote Desktop Client

Docker Docker Run

Use this command to install Guacamole Remote Desktop Client. Change the port and volume bind loca...

Backup Docker Containers using Resilio Sync

Docker Docker Compose

Resilio Sync is a proprietary peer-to-peer file synchronization tool available for Windows, Mac, ...

Install Droppy with Docker Compose

Docker Docker Compose

Droppy is a self-hosted file storage server with a web interface and capabilities to edit files a...

file manager
file storage

Installing Docker on Ubuntu

Docker Installing Docker

Installing Docker on Ubuntu is simple. Run the following commands separately. sudo apt install d...

Install and Setup Proxmox VE

Promox VE

This guide will explain how to install Proxmox VE on a bare metal system. You don't need a fancy ...

Install Snapdrop using Compose

Docker Docker Compose

Use this compose stack to install Snapdrop. Change ports as needed. More information can be found...

Install Glances to Monitor Docker Containers (with web interface)

Docker Docker Run

Glances can be installed through Docker, allowing you to run it without installing all the python...

docker monitoring
docker monitor

Intall Watchtower with E-Mail (Gmail) Notifications

Docker Docker Run

Use the following code to install watchtower with gmail notifications. See more information and d...


Docker Docker Run

Take back control with Matomo – a powerful web analytics platform that gives you 100% data owners...

Installing Docker and Portainer to use With the Edge Agent

Docker Installing Docker

Use the following commands to setup Docker and Portainer to be used with the Edge Agent. This wil...