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Docker Compose


The Compose file provides a way to document and configure all of the application's service dependencies (databases, queues, caches, web service APIs, etc). Using the Compose command line tool you can create and start one or more containers for each dependency ...

Docker Run


Docker runs processes in isolated containers. A container is a process which runs on a host. The host may be local or remote. When an operator executes docker run, the container process that runs is isolated in that it has its own file system, its own networki...

Installing Docker


Different ways to install Docker on your preferred Operating System.


DNS & Reverse Proxy

Cloudflare, Inc. is an American web-infrastructure and website-security company, providing content-delivery-network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain-name-server services.

Nginx Proxy Manager

DNS & Reverse Proxy

This project comes as a pre-built docker image that enables you to easily forward to your websites running at home or otherwise, including free SSL, without having to know too much about Nginx or Letsencrypt.



Portainer is a universal container management tool that helps users deploy and manage container-based applications without needing to know how to write any platform-specific code.



A web interface for managing docker containers with an emphasis on templating to provide 1 click deployments. Think of it like a decentralized app store for servers that anyone can make packages for.

Awesome Selfhosted

Helpful Tools & Resources

A curation of tools by Awesome Selfhosted.


Promox VE

Z490 OMV Server

Server Builds

Command Line Utilities


Open Source