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The Homelab Wiki Forum is Online!

Helpful Tools & Resources

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know I have set up a forum for discussion or as a means to communicate with me directly. Feel free to register here and post topics. The forum is no longer online but you can find us on discord!

Tube Archivist - A Youtube-DL Alternative on Steroids

News Open Source

You may be searching for an alternative to the ever popular Youtube-DL which has been under heavy scrutiny for a while now. At times, when using the software, speeds seem to be throttled and or it stops working completely. There hasn't been any developer updat...

Filebrowser Custom Icon Colors - How To

Other Guides

This css colorizes some file types' icons, so different files can be distinguished more easily. It also changes some icons to make distinguishing them even more easy. How to use this Download the custom.css file from here or copy from below. /* ...

Self Hosted Application Reviews -

Helpful Tools & Resources

Check out for self hosted application reviews and more! is a website that reviews self-hosted applications. These are applications that you can install and run on your own server, rather than using a cloud-based service. The website was cr...

Join us on Discord!

Helpful Tools & Resources

Want to chat with like minded folks? Join us on our Discord server with over 1,100 others!

Exploring the World of Homelab: Your Personal Mini Computer Playground

News News

Ah, a homelab! That's a fancy way of saying your own personal mini computer center in your house. It's kind of like having your own playground for testing and experimenting with different digital things. Imagine if you were playing with a set of LEGOs, but in...