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Install Netdata to Monitor Debian or Ubuntu servers

Netdata is a great way to monitor your Debian based systems and servers. It's feature rich and packs all the punches any system administrator needs. Installation is a breeze and it can be up and running in less than 2 or 3 minutes.

Netdata can even be used to monitor Virtual Machines and Containers on a Proxmox server as you can see in the screenshot below.

Install Netdata

A simple one line command. This requires curl to be installed on the system.

apt install curl
bash <(curl -Ss

Start Using Netdata

To start using Netdata, open a browser and navigate to http://NODE:19999, replacing NODE with either localhost or the hostname/IP address of a remote node.

Where you go from here is based on your use case, immediate needs, and experience with monitoring and troubleshooting.

Installing lm Sensors

To view CPU temperatures, you will have to install lm sensors. lm-sensors provides a hardware health monitoring driver for Linux. It's used by system administrators to check the health status of their hardware. It is also used to monitor the hardware infrastructure in servers and be very valuable in mission critical applications.

apt install lm-sensors

Refresh the Netdata web UI and you should see a new section called Sensors. There you can see the CPU temperatures.