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Z490 Photo Gallery

The Z490 Server photos and cable management. For details about the parts, please see the Z490 Parts List and Cost.

What a stringy mess! But a beautiful mess at that.

This small CPU cooler is such a blast! I'm keep temps in the low 30C range consistently.

CPU cooler box just for referencing later.

Ready for installing OMV. Where is my iodd?

Ah yes, there you are! If you don't have an iodd, add it to your Christmas wishlist. These things are so underrated!

Install successful now to install Glances to check those CPU temps! Then tidy up those cables.

All the hot-swap drive bays! Mmmmmm yes!


Temps are doing good but I'll let it run for an hour to make sure. Click here for a closer look.

Clean, minimal setup. Nothing too fancy.

Cables look good. I like the cross bar on this case for helping tidy up the cables. It really does make this case/chassis clean up well!

Why no LSI card? Well, I did think about it but I already had these SATA cards. I may switch to one in the near future but most cards I could find were 8 port cards I need at least 12. That and LSI cards are not cheap by any means. Data transfers are not any faster so I really can’t justify the cost. All I’d really get out of it is a bit more cable management and less frustration if a drive were to fail.

if I were doing much more data transfer intensive work, I would have went with a hardware RAID setup. I don’t feel like it’s something our household needs at this point however.