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Setup ShareX to work with Xbackbone from Windows

XBackBone is a simple, self-hosted, lightweight PHP file manager that support the instant sharing tool ShareX and *NIX systems. It supports uploading and displaying images, GIF, video, code, formatted text, and file downloading and uploading. Also have a web UI with multi user management, past uploads history and search support.

Install Xbackbone server using this Docker Compose snippet.

version: "2.1"
    container_name: xbackbone
      - PUID=1000
      - PGID=1000
      - TZ=America/Detroit
      - /docker/xbackbone:/config
      - 8087:80
      - 4443:443
    restart: unless-stopped

Navigate to your server IP on port 8087. I chose the SQlite option for the database.  Setup your login then go to your profile page to setup the token. Press 'Update"  to get your token.

Now download the Sharex client config by clicking the button shown here

Now download ShareX on your Windows machine then right click on the Sharex icon in your system tray to go to Destinations > Custom Uploader Settings.

Now it's time to import that file you downloaded from your Xbackbone profile.

Then under Image uploader (2) select your domain or server IP. Click the test button to make sure it works, then close it out.


You can enable the ability to right click on images from websites or your desktop to upload to your server.

Open the ShareX Application Settings and go to Integration then make sure to tick "Show Upload with Sharex button in Windows context menu.

Now enjoy your self hosted Xbackbone host!