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Install Memo Notes via Docker Compose

Use this guide to setup and install Meemo with Docker Compose. See our review of Meemo.


  1. Ensure Docker and Docker-Compose are installed

  2. On your host machine, create the following files and directories inside a directory of your choice.

    # users file
    touch users.json
    # data and database directory
    mkdir data database
    # set ownership to map container user ID 1000
    chown 1000 users.json data database
    # set permissions
    chmod 600 users.json
    chmod 700 data database
  3. Download docker-compose.yml on your host inside the same directory then modify it as you wish:

  4. Launch the MongoDB database and Meemo container with

    docker-compose up -d
  5. You can check logs with

    docker-compose logs -f
  6. Meemo is at localhost:3000 (depending on your mapped port in docker-compose.yml)


We assume your Meemo container is named meemo in the following.

# List users
docker exec meemo ./meemo/admin users

# Add a user
docker exec meemo ./meemo/admin user-add -u yourUser -p yourPassword --display-name yourUser

# Edit a user
docker exec meemo ./meemo/admin user-edit -u yourUser -p yourPassword --display-name yourUser

# Remove a user
docker exec meemo ./meemo/admin user-del -u yourUser

All the changes are saved to users.json

To support the Meemo project or follow developement, please visit the Meemo Github repo.