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Meemo - The Microblog Note Taking App you never knew you Wanted

When it comes to self hosted note taking apps, there are no shortage of options available. However, Meemo takes on the note taking app from a new angle that gives you a twitter like micro blogging experience while maintaining a plain text and or markdown editor.

You can write posts just as easy as adding text and pressing the checkmark. No other buttons to press. It makes adding notes super easy and hassle free. There is a built in markdown cheat sheet too. Adding photos and gifs is just as easy! Find your notes by searching for terms or categorize them using hashtags.

(Video is best viewed on laptops or desktops)

You can add users in the terminal by running a simple script. This gives the user their own space that is NOT tied to any other users. So the content within their space is only that of their own. However, you can make your content public by pressing the eye icon or sharing a specific post which makes that post public. Any posts made public will be shown on your "Public" feed. All new posts are set to private by default.

Meemo is basic and simple. That's what makes it easy to use and why I enjoy it so much. There very few features within the menu and the the most important being the export and import feature. You can export all your posts from one instance to another. It makes moving hosts that much easier.

The settings are basic too. They allow you to change the title of the app, add a background image and make a few other small changes.

Installing Meemo is simple. It uses a docker compose stack that contains a mongodb database connected to the application. You can learn more about installing the Meemo note taking application via docker compose here.