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Monica HQ

Docker Docker Compose

This version will use the apache image and add a mysql container. The volumes are set to keep your data persistent. This setup provides no ssl encryption and is intended to run behind a proxy. Make sure to pass in values for APP_KEY variable before you run th...

Yacht Git

Docker Yacht Yacht Yacht is a container management UI with a focus on templates and 1-click deployments. If the built in update button isn't working for you try the following command: docker run --rm -d -v /var/run/docker.sock...

Portainer Git

Docker Portainer Portainer is a lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your different Docker environments (Docker hosts or Swarm clusters). Portainer is meant to be as simple to deploy as it is to use. It co...

OliveTin Linux Shell Web Interface

Docker Docker Compose

OliveTin OliveTin is a web interface for running Linux shell commands. Some example use cases; Give controlled access to run shell commands to less technical folks who cannot be trusted with SSH. I use this so my family can podman restart plex without aski...

Awesome Selfhosted - Self-hosting Solutions

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Self-hosting Solutions Ansible-NAS - Build a full-featured home server with this playbook and an Ubuntu box. MIT YAML/Docker Bitsii Bridge ⚠ - Easy to install self-hosting platform for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Depends on a dynamic DNS provider and Let's ...

Awesome Selfhosted - Wikis

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Wikis Related: Software Development - Documentation Generators See also: Wikimatrix, Wiki Engines - WikiIndex, List of wiki software - Wikipedia, Comparison of wiki software - Wikipedia. BookStack - BookStack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform fo...

Awesome Selfhosted - Ticketing and URL Shortners

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Ticketing Bugzilla - General-purpose bugtracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project. MPL-2.0 Perl Bumpy Booby - Simple, responsive and highly customizable PHP bug tracking system. (Source Code) MIT PHP django-todo - djan...

Awesome Selfhosted - Task Management & To-do Lists

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Task Management & To-do Lists Focalboard - An open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana. It helps define, organize, track and manage work across individuals and teams. (Source Code, Clients) MIT/AGPL-3.0/Apache-2.0 Nodejs/Go Kanbana...

Awesome Selfhosted - Software Development - Project Management

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Software Development - Project Management See also: awesome-sysadmin/Code Review Bonobo Git Server - Set up your own self hosted git server on IIS for Windows. Manage users and have full control over your repositories with a nice user friendly graphical inte...

Awesome Selfhosted - Photo and Video Galleries

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Photo and Video Galleries Chevereto Free - Powerful and fast image hosting script that allows you to create your very own full featured image hosting website in just minutes. (Source Code) AGPL-3.0 PHP Coppermine - Multilingual photo gallery that integrate...

Awesome Selfhosted - Personal Dashboards

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Personal Dashboards Baby Buddy - Helps caregivers track baby sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time. (Demo) BSD-2-Clause Python Dashboard - Minimalist homepage for organizing your web applications and bookmarks using JSON-files. MIT Nodejs/Docker ...

Awesome Selfhosted - Pastebins

Helpful Tools & Resources Awesome Selfhosted

Pastebins 0bin - Client side encrypted pastebin. (Demo) WTFPL Python bepasty - A pastebin for all kinds of files. (Source Code) BSD-2-Clause Python bin - a paste bin. WTFPL/0BSD Rust cryptonote - Simple open source web application that lets users encry...

HumHub Install with Turnkey LAMP on Proxmox

Promox VE HumHub

HumHub is a free and open-source social network software written on top of the Yii PHP framework that provides an easy to use toolkit for creating and launching your own social network. Install the Turnkey LAMP in a new LXC: Click on your preferred stora...

Icons for Self Hosted Dashboards

Helpful Tools & Resources

Here are a bunch of icons you can use for dashboards Download the lot as a zip or right click and save as you need. ...

Setup ShareX to work with Xbackbone from Windows

Docker Docker Compose

XBackBone is a simple, self-hosted, lightweight PHP file manager that support the instant sharing tool ShareX and *NIX systems. It supports uploading and displaying images, GIF, video, code, formatted text, and file downloading and uploading. Also have a web U...

Z490 Server Parts List and Cost

Server Builds Z490 OMV Server

The parts used int he Z490 server build for OMV are all brand new. This entire system could have been built for much less if I sourced the parts out better or bought used parts. This build (just like any build) is completely subjective to whatever the use case...

Z490 Photo Gallery

Server Builds Z490 OMV Server

The Z490 Server photos and cable management. For details about the parts, please see the Z490 Parts List and Cost. What a stringy mess! But a beautiful mess at that. This small CPU cooler is such a blast! I'm keep temps in the low 30C range consistently....

Install Glances to Monitor Open Media Vault Server


Glances is a cross-platform system monitoring tool written in Python. It can be installed on pretty much any Linux system but this is a great tool for monitoring NAS servers like Open Media Vault. You can see vital information like CPU temps, disk space, RAM a...

Homelab and Self Hosting Related Blogs

Helpful Tools & Resources

There's countless amounts of information on the web and it can be overwhelming. I've put together this curated list of Homelab related blogs from both beginners and more advanced topics. Noted - My blog related to home lab and self hosting. mikeroyal/Self-...

Setup Vikunja using Docker Compose

Docker Docker Compose

Vikunja is an Open-Source, self-hosted To-Do list application for all platforms. It is licensed under the GPLv3. Test out Vikunja demo here. This guide is assuming you are installing Vikunja on a fresh Debian based OS such as Ubuntu, Debian or Turnkey Core...